Welcome to Predatory Katrina, a glimpse into My world.

Shall we begin?

I prefer to be addressed as LadyK or M’Lady and I am a true Sybarite. And like any good sybarite, My life is  dedicated to luxury & pleasure.

I am very open-minded, intelligent, and elegant. I love helping others push their limits and expand their horizons – that is why it brings Me such pleasure to be a Domme. By the same token, know that everything I do – including with you, if I choose to have you as My guest – is designed to perfect and hone My skills. I am constantly evolving in all aspects of My life in a quest to fulfill My desires.

While there is a wealth of information here that you may peruse, do not make the mistake of feeling this is a complete accounting of Who & What I am.  That will certainly take you much more, to learn, than the simple viewing of a website!

And so, My question – which you must answer to yourself and to Me, if you wish to continue, is this:

Do you have what it takes to be one of My pets… or even a blip on My radar?

You have only found the opening of the rabbit hole.  Enter if you dare…

Experienced & Ethical R.A.C.K. Domme in Western, MA in the Pioneer Valley conveniently located near Northampton, MA.

Risk-Aware, Consensual Kink


This is the world you crave. Bring yourself to Me.

Your Priestess,
Lady Katrina