This Summer was abundant with rich smiles, laughter, tears, personal & spiritual growth, lewdness, song & dance, kinship, and was all around the best summer ever! I attended two spiritual retreats, performed at a festival, and went on My yearly vacation. I feel blissed, blessed, and just a bit tired! LOL

Now, I am ready to settle into Autumn and in that I have many opportunities available to Me.  As such I am looking for patrons.

First, early this October, My Dark Eros clan is having a retreat and moving into deeper work. I feel an immense need to attend and journey deeper with My peers. The cost of the retreat is equivalent to an hour session.  This is very important to Me and this retreat is only offered every few years.

Second, I am fund raising for My ShamaSoma training. This is a method developed by Sylvia Brallier, that incorporates energy healing, breath work, and hypnotherapy.  Through this training I will become a certified hypnotherapist. The course will be a year long and there will be four, five day in person trainings throughout the year. Two of these trainings will be nearby and two will be in the San Francisco bay area.  Donations & gifts towards tuition and flights are needed. Flight vouchers would also be wonderful.

As part of My fund raising efforts I am selling My used panties & stockings. I may have a couple of pairs of shoes available as well. All items will come with a picture of Me wearing them. Email Me for availability.

Also, if anyone is interested in pre-purchasing sessions, I am offering multiple session packages at a reduced rate. Email Me for details.

In Darkness & Light


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