CBT (cock and ball torture) is one of the many kinks I enjoy dishing up here in Western, MA.

There are so many ways to abuse pathetic little pricks and all of them make Me chuckle!

I could begin with rope, tying off your useless appendage, and then add some weights to your balls. You and I both know you want me to watch you crawl around with them dragging behind you, ready for Me to step on at My Whim. And IF I allow you to stand, your weighted down balls make a perfect punching bag to smack around!

I could cover your tiny dick in clothes pins, perhaps even a zip line… that would Please Me very much…

Hot wax? Don’t mind if I do! Or, perhaps — and only if you’re prove to be a worthy submissive — I shall bring out the super glue and nullify your useless member. Really — it isn’t as if you will have use for that flap of flesh!

And if you’re very, very good, I may up the ante by adding some electro-play. Electricity pulsing… throbbing… driving you to your edges, mimicking a painful squeeze, zapping at you while I use my Wartenberg pinwheel… Oh my — now I am having fun!!

Then again there is always good, old-fashioned ball busting. A swift knee to the groin never loses its impact! LOL!  I can easily deliver this type of torture publicly here in Western, Massachusetts and beyond!  What I also love to do for some good public humiliation is to tie a string nice and tight around your balls & — and your sad, limp, little clit of a cock — and leave enough to yank poking out over your belt line…

If being in public holds no appeal to you, come visit Me at My Studio of Discipline to be smacked, squeezed, and brought to your knees!  I will giggle and smile down on you while you squirm on the floor thanking Me… and begging for more. (And, yes, you will beg Me for more teasing and torture. It’s what your useless little cock is for.) That is how it works when I have My Hands on you: your discomfort is My Entertainment.

So bring me your cock… and your ache to be disciplined the way we both know you deserve. If you Please Me, you will find the pleasure of pain you’re craving. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?
Your Priestess,
Lady Katrina