LadyK 101

I am a Dominant fetishist with deep roots in the BDSM lifestyle.

Being ravenous in My affairs has earned Me the repute “Predatory Katrina”.

I revel in My status with esteem. I can range from seductively unattainable to unexpectedly cruel.

I am looking for no one thing in particular. I live my life in a series of beautiful wonderous moments, taking everything as an opportunity for growth, knowledge and joy. I have no time for games, bullshit, or drama and will not tolerate any of it in My world. I consider myself to be a kinky, sensual dominant fetishist. Above all else, I value complete and total honesty. Without it, no relationship can truly live or thrive.

Magic & Love Exist is All Things and Can & Should be a part of All Actions.

My professional depravity began in 1998. I possess an entrepreneurial nature and hold a number of designations and skill sets. I withdrew from the professional aspect of the scene to pursue other interests. I have chosen to reincorporate this scene into My life focus. Thusly, I have returned to the Scene professionally with renewed vigor & dedication in 2008!

My tastes are simple. I enjoy only the best.
Stimulate My mind with deviant fantasies.
Shower Me with lavish gifts.
Indulge My whims.


I abhor cigarettes and you will Not stink of smoke when you visit!!

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