LadyK 202

Ageless, May 25 (Gemini)
Eyes black/brown  ~  Hair short & dark (cut & color varies ~ currently sporting a Mohawk!)
5’5″ 140lbs 34D-30-40 ~ dress size 8/Medium & shoe size 8-8.5 regular

The air sign that I am is very versatile, and like with My musical choices, so go My other choices. Lace, silk, satin, leather, vinyl, latex, business attire, 50s house-dress, or tank & boyshorts one never does know what I will be in the mood for. I do have an affinity for corsets & cinchers.  Lately I am all about the leggings! ie Black Milk

I love red wine such as Shiraz blends or a nice Cabernet . I also love good whiskeys & bourbons in the colder months. When it starts heating up, I move on to good Tequilas.
Sushi is among My most favorite of things to eat.  I do tend to eat a primarily vegetarian diet as I disapprove of the quality of most meat. I do however indulge in organic grass-fed beef once every couple weeks. For dessert? Perhaps some dark chocolate & fruit…with Ice wine or Port.
Music is a large part of My life, along with Dance ~ world (Gypsy/Rom, Latin, Reggae, African), blues, jazz, rock, 80s pop & synth, Drum&Bass and more are all in my collection. My mood determines what is playing.

I am constantly evolving in all aspects of My life in a quest to fulfill my desires. I can be cruel, yet compassionate; pitiless, yet empathic.

Do Not mistake My kindness for weakness for that will lead to your downfall!!

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