SEXYK5-1Limits are where the fun ends. Period.
As My guest, it’s critical that you acknowledge your limits…
to Me…
(and, yes, you DO have them.)
What you want to tell Me — what you’ll want to tell me if you want to be My guest — is this…
Do you know what your limits are?
Is there anything you simply won’t do?


I know what My Limits are, so be clear about these two rules:

When you are in My Presence, Respect Is A TWO-way Street.
The widely used phrase — “your limits, are My Limits” — does NOT apply in My Realm.
IF I give you the privilege of visiting My World, you will respect the boundaries I set.
(You knew that already, didn’t you?)
And so, My Limits are these:

NO bestiality.
NO coprophilia.
NO emetophilia.
NO pedophilia.
No sexual services, of any kind, will be given or accepted. Do Not Even Ask!!!
NO scripted scenes.
and Absolutely No Drama from you. That’s MY Job.

Understand that I will end an appointment if any of My Limits are violated. You will be banished from My Realm, probably permanently, and Others will be informed of your lack of appropriate respect.

Our limits are part of what makes our time together possibleyou will honour them in all ways, at all times.

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