Sacred Dominance

My personal spiritual journey has led Me to a place where I utilize Dark Eros, Shamanic journey, Breath work, Shadow work , and physical & energetic healing techniques in My life. I also do this work in healing & magical scenes. I call this Sacred Dominance. I am now called to share this work publicly with the world.

I can provide a Unique Opportunity for your Healing and Growth. Life transitions or changes, depression, anxiety, loss or grief, feeling stuck, discovering or re-defining your identity, pain, traumatic experiences, relationship issues, and longing for deeper life meaning and connection are all things on which can be worked. Also rights of passage and marking of life’s mile stones are suited to this work.

This type of work is very intense and requires extended preparations; as such these do not fall into the category of normal sessions. I will be writing more about this here and on My blog in time.


Dark Eros
“The study of Dark Eros is a sacred and magical practice. It is the ritualistic modification of Sadomasochism and bondage/discipline techniques. These techniques become tools to raise power in ritualistic and magical work. The work is about intention, trust, and, at times, a willingness to push past your edges. We build a container that is safe, strong, and sacred in which to do our work. For if we can tear ourselves down to the most basic of levels and feel comfortable with ourselves and others in our own skins, we can then go deeper.
Dark Eros work is a powerful way to weave energy, intention, and BDSM techniques in sacred space to do magical work on ourselves or with others.” ~Cerillian

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