I am a Lady & Artist and I believe in the old-fashioned concept of patronage. Patronage is open to any who would like to support My training, schooling & growth as a Dominant, a Dancer, a Scholar, and a Woman. The privilege of knowing that you have been a part of helping Me grow, perform & participate in events that I love is your reward. I will be genuinely grateful and I will thank you. Perhaps I will even invite you to a performance or event.

There is always need for more medical tools (new & antique) & equipment. Also gift certificates from Stormy Leather, Timeless-Trends, Victoria’s Secret, DSW (Dallas Shoe Warehouse) are helpful.

You can send Me an online gift certificate for lingerie here. (send to My email ~ LadyK@

My Amazon Wish Lists   Note that I have items categorized into different lists for ease.

I can always use good old-fashioned money, which you can send to Me by one of three different methods which are listed on the linked page.

Adopt a Bill

Would you like to make a more regular contribution? I have an adopt a bill program in which you can pay one of My monthly bills.  For one time gifts, utilize the “good old-fashioned money” link above. For a longer term arrangement email Me.

Office Rent $400

Car Payment $250

Phone $200

Body Work $150

Gasoline $200

Office Supplies & Toys $100

Car Ins. $50

Eros Ad $50

Dance Class $100/8 weeks

Yoga $120

Cat Care $100


Below are genres were I like to put my energy and would be happy for assistance in attending. I will use My blog to keep you updated on current offerings in which I am interested.


I consider training to be workshops & classes both public & private that are not associated with a social event. They are also not all BDSM related. Many are healing & spiritual training. We are there strictly to learn. Once again, travel expenses, hotel room, and workshop fees appreciated.


There are always any number of fetish parties, BDSM events and seminars, local and national that I am interested in attending. Travel expenses, hotel rooms, entry fees are all acceptable ways to contribute. These types of events I am willing to attend with submissives & fetishists alike with no additional tribute required besides expenses. However I do not expect to have to buy My own drinks, etc! Any play would be at My whim & mood unless you arrange a session also. you are responsible for your own accommodations.


Skills Trade

Do you have a skill that could benefit Me? Can you build furniture, make toys, repair My vehicles, give Me a (professional) massage, or something of the like? I am more than happy to accept these forms of gifts and/or discuss the application of your skill towards tribute.

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