Traveling DommeI get asked all the time if I will travel to someone.

The answer is both simple and yet not.

If I had a rapport with someone, and I had the time, I would travel to see them. I would also make exception for someone who is unable to come visit Me do to health related issues. They would be responsible for My travel and lodging costs in addition to session(s)  tribute.  My lodgings would be a nice hotel preferably located near the studio space I arrange to use. Yes, you heard correctly. I will arrange to utilize a space and I will not  come to someone’s private home.

All of these factors need to be firmly arranged before I travel,  including tribute deposits.

So, do I travel?  Why, yes I do, on My terms and in style.

I also travel because I love to travel. When I travel and am available to session I will make that known as well.


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