For those supplicants who love getting bit, here’s some interesting information for you:

“Odexelagnia” is the art of sexual arousal by biting and nibbling. It’s a mild form of sado-masochism. Gentle biting is an effective way of helping emotionally stressed partners become aware of their body.

My Bite ranges from light nibbling… to nips to hard enough leave bruises… to full bites strong enough to break the skin. I love to bite flesh! I use My Teeth to grab your attention — and hold it. Offer yourself to me and, if you’re worthy, I will create sensations and emotions for you… and in you… that we both know you want to access, yet can’t other ways.

It’s a way for me to reward your surrender with token marks of dominance and ownership. I even sometimes use it, in the rare case that you earn My Emotional Response with your complete submission, to show affection. The animalistic nature of nipping and biting makes it, without a doubt, one of My all time favorite activities (along with digging my nails into someone, of course.) I am a very tactile and visceral Lady in these regards.

Oh yesss, the tightening of My Jaw over a fleshy spot, or pressed hard on thin skin against your bone, are sensations I adore!

I am very particular about people whom I reward with My Bite, upon whom I will place My Mouth… and My Teeth. Biting is a very intimate exchange and, alas, since relocating to Western Massachusetts I have yet to find any submissives I find worthy of My Bite.  I, of course, have playmates whom I playfully nibble and nip upon at will. Still, I long to truly sink My Teeth in and leave the glorious bruises I have established as My Trademark.

If this is a fetish of yours, I welcome you to come visit Me.  Come prove yourself, and your worth, and perhaps you will earn the impression of My Teeth on your sweet, vulnerable skin.

Your Priestess,
Lady Katrina