Hair Removal | Depilation

Ok, I love to remove body hair from people.

Depilation — whether by shaving, waxing, or tweezing — makes Me smile. I would be thrilled to cut, rip, and pull the hair from your body. I can not stand hair on backs. I hate when there is no separation between the hair on someone’s face and on their chest.  I enjoy making an eyebrow arch “just so” to improve the lines of a face. I want the hair off a leg to improve its sleekness in appearance. Should I even have to mention how much more appealing it is to abuse a useless sack that is not all sorts of annoyingly hairy?

These are a few of my favorite things…. (oh sorry — I was hearing Julie Andrews’ voice for a second.)  Really though, I can totally imagine that woman smiling and ripping off a strip of wax…

The removal process can range in sensations from super sensual to intensely stinging and sharp. Ever lather up someone’s leg slowly and then run a razor up it until it is smooth like silk? I have and it is heavenly. I have sat in the light of the sun and slowly, meticulously tweezed hair from a tattoo on My Pubic Region, finding a meditative quality to the process. I have given Brazilian wax jobs to friends. And I have strapped down submissives from Ohio to Western, MA and ripped the hair from all parts of their bodies.

I should also mention that I am quite good with a pair of scissors and would have no problem cutting someone’s hair for My Pleasure.

There is only one thing I will promise along the lines of hair removal: whatever I choose to do will be an improvement to you for which you will thank Me.

This is the world you crave. Bring yourself to Me.
Your Priestess,
Lady Katrina

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