Tease and denial. I love looking good and I love rubbing it in the faces of men who will never have Me. This power over weak, small-headed boys is ever so wonderful and laughable! There is nothing like the pained look on a boy’s face that has a severe case of blue-balls  from My delicious cock teasing presence.

Dancing is one of My biggest pleasures… Tying someone to a chair or post and then turning up the music and enjoying myself while they are a rapt audience, unable to do anything except appreciate My movement and beauty as I tease their little prick, is fantastic fun!!

Putting on My tight panties, lathering up My legs and shaving them before letting a submissive rub them with oil is great preparation for placing him on the floor, flat on his back in his CB-3000. From this position, I would stand over My prey shaking My round ass in his face while denying any contact with My flesh. Hmmm.

There are so so many ways to torture, tease, control, and deny orgasm that I can think off that I could keep it up every day for hours at a time!!  Come visit Me and feel the tension grow as I deny you your orgasm and laugh at your blue-balls for My enjoyment.