Are you in need of a good, hard, ball-crushing reminder
of your lowly place and status?

I remember, in the days of My Youth, being chased around the playground by silly, smelly little boys…

One day, one of those silly, smelly little boys managed to smack Me… and I turned around and soundly slammed My Knee into his useless, minuscule package.  I remember, oh so fondly, when he fell groaning to the ground. And, ahhhh, the glee I felt — and the respect I then received — from both the other girls and those boys, alike…

Of course, as a young woman going out to nightclubs, this affinity grew even stronger the first time a worthless pecker-head made the mistake of grabbing My Ass as I walked through a crowded bar.  I immediately grabbed his worthless balls in My Hand, then I squeezed and twisted them until this stupid man-boy apologized for his bad behavior.  His friends fell over themselves to buy My Drinks the rest of the night while he sulked, in pain, in the corner…

So began My appreciation of control, via ball-busting,
that I have brought with Me to My Home here in Western, Massachusetts!

The inherent weakness of male testes and worm — to My Hand, Knee, Foot, or one of many instruments of My choosing — delights Me to no end. Ball-busting and crushing, along with other forms of cock and ball torture, is one of the many kinks that I enjoy. Do you share this, or any other kinks, with Me?

Contact Me for My Session Request Supplication and submit it.  IF your words please Me and I deem you worthy of My Attention, I will allow you to come to My Studio of Discipline and Domination… and bring you to your knees with a swift kick in the balls.

This is the world you crave. Bring yourself to Me.

Your Priestess,
Lady Katrina